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A message from lengendary voice actor
Dave Fennoy

3hr Learn-By-Doing Website Creation Class

  • Learn how to Create, Update and Expand your website

  • Downloadable Demos

  • Hosting as low as $9.50/month (that's my plan)

  • Learn using the WIX platform

  • Website can be hosted on most platforms

  • Clients can schedule appointments on your site

  • Post on all your social media with one button

  • Start your own voiceover blog

  • so much more!


In the learn by doing online course you will learn the "must have" elements needed for your VO-Website. I will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a professional and effective voiceover website that showcases your talent, demos, and personality. I will discuss how to tag your site for SEO. Whether you're new to website building or have some experience, this learn-by-doing course will provide you with the skills and tools necessary to create, update and expand a website that sets you apart from the competition. After the course, not only will you have the knowledge, but you will have a new professional, one page, VO specific website of your own!


NO Cookie Cutter Templates

I'll do ALL the work & create a VO specific  website

for you starting

at $500

Ready to get started?

Book your 3 hour session.

I'll send you all the information of what we'll need to rock out a new VO specific website!!


voice actor

"Jim's analysis and subsequent efficiency in making changes to my site were above and beyond my expectations, maintaining constant communication throughout the process.I'm thoroughly impressed with his talent & professionalism.".

IMG_2605 (1).heic

voice actor

"I cannot recommend Jim’s services enough- I cannot tell you how many compliments and comments I’ve gotten on my webpage since Jim set it up. They immediately knew my brand, my personality and how that effects my product

and services."

Terry Briscoe 2_edited.jpg

voice actor

"Jim took my basic website and elevated it to a more professional level. I am proud to send current and potential clients, agents and casting directors to my website. My demos are front and center for visitors to sample and download.


10 out of 10 stars!"

Stephanie Johnson_edited.jpg

voice actor

"He is a DESIGN MASTER! I never imagined that I could have such a professional looking website!  He let me know every time he had a little fun and asked if it was alright. Not only was it alright, but inspired! Thank you Jim Fronk. You really created some magic for something that I have been struggling with for a while."


voice actor

This is the class to take. I started off not knowing anything about how websites worked, let alone how to build one. Now I have all the tools at my disposal to get in there and make my professional website work for me.

Thanks, Jim!


voice actor

"Jim is great to work with! He helped me learn how to build a clean, professional-looking website with WIX. Now not only do I know how to build my own website, but I feel confident that I can also maintain and update it as needed without paying for a website admin."


voice actor

"In what seemed like no time at all, Jim took my website from “meh” to “wow!” And he didn’t just do it and hand me the keys. He taught me how to keep it up and make sure I’m using all the tools Wix offers to really maximize my investment."

Ready to get started?

Book your 3 hour session.

I'll send you all the information of what we'll need to rock out a new VO specific website!!

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